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COMPLETE HMD Sked® RESCUE SYSTEM with strap kit (Assembled & Rolled)

Forest Hazard

Upgraded with stronger buckles!!!This litter is designed for use in mass casualty incidents where terrorists using Weapons of Mass destruction or any other Haz-Mat incident...

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COMPLETE HMD Sked® RESCUE SYSTEM with strap kit (On Pallet)


Same as the SK-250, but HMD Skeds can be stored and shipped on pallets of up to 200 per pallet. Pallets can be stacked 3 high for prolonged storage in a space of 8 ft x 3 ft x 7 ft...

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Shuttle Sked® Kit, in yellow bag

Included are 4 HMD Skeds rolled and stored in rapid deployment bags. Also included are 8 Shuttle Sked rope kits in a single rapid deployment bag to keep everything organized. It...

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Shuttle Sked® Rope Kit, In yellow bag

HMD Shuttle Sked rope is constructed of 1/2 inch solid braid polypropylene. It is 200ft. long with a figure 8 knot saftied with a barrel knot and taped to prevent unraveling while...

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This is a 14" diameter by 36" width case. Hold up to 4 HMD Sked Rescue System....

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Replacement strap for the HMD Sked® RESCUE SYSTEM...

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COMPLETE SKEDCO/SKYHOOK WMD/Haz-Mat patient evacuation system

This system includes everything necessary for rapid evacuation of mass casualties in a chem-bio environment. Because we never know how far away we can get from the Hot-zone we are...

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Haz-Mat Rope Grabs

Haz-Mat Rope Grabs...

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