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HMD Sked® - body only

Forest Hazard

HMD Sked body only without straps. Purchase as a replacement item....

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Skedco offers 1/2" Kernmantle Rescue Rope in a variety of lengths for use as belay and tag lines. Kits include rope and rope bag, and are available for hole depths of 25', 50',...

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INFLATABLE FLOAT LOG - right and left

Each of the float logs has an inflatable bladder covered with durable black nylon. The logs can be inflated instantly with the included CO2 cartridges, or can be inflated by mouth....

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INFLATABLE CHEST PAD - Black (Replacing Ethafoam Chest Pad)

The chest pad attaches to the front of the packaged patient, not allowing the patient to float in a face down position. This chest pad inflates with 1 to 2 breaths of air and...

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BALLAST WEIGHT (with 15 lbs lead weight)

A durable bag filled with 15 pounds of lead shot which attaches to the bottom of the Sked® to make it self-right if it capsizes....

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25g of CO2 cartridge for refilling the inflatable float log....

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Retainer Strap

This strap will prevent the Sked Stretcher from unrolling after you roll it up! This strap also come with the SK-600-OR and SK-600-GR so you can tie the Ethafoam Floats Log...

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250' x 7mm PMI Water Rescue Rope

It has a polypropylene core with a nylon sheath, which allows it to float in the water and have good abrasion resistance....

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