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NSN: 6910-01-623-8532, 6910-01-623-8530, 6910-01-623-8639, 6910-01-623-8652



U.S. Pat. No 8,342,852

NSN: 6910-01-623-8532 for FS-2000B-CB

NSN: 6910-01-623-8530 for FS-2000B-BL

NSN: 6910-01-623-8639 for FS-2001-CB

NSN: 6910-01-623-8652 for FS-2001-BL


Skedco has spent the last 7 years developing a rugged, realistic, and affordable solution to the chaos caused by external hemorrhage. This patented solution is known as the HydraSim Trauma Bleeding Simulation System.

Simply put, the HydraSim eliminates the fear, hesitation, and anxiety which often accompany the treatment of traumatic bleeding wounds. Originally designed to train battlefield Medics and First Responders, the HydraSim® provides nearly 3 liters blood pumping intensity all while appearing to be a common backpack hydration system. Its wireless operation provides a blood pumping special effect for up to 3 bleeding wounds, each with independent control. Users have the opportunity to practice treatments ranging from junctional or non-junctional tourniquet application to wound packing and dressing application. The HydraSim is compatible with a wide variety of wearable simulated bleeding injuries or users can build their own bleeding injures without using makeup or adhesives. The HydraSim's® unique capability allows for the use of virtually any simulation blood available. The HydraSim® also attaches to most training manikins bringing higher fidelity to the simplest training equipment. Eliminate hesitation, fear, and anxiety with the HydraSim Trauma Bleeding Simulation System.

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SKU: FS-2001
Price( MSRP ): $2,104.04
Weight: 6.0 lbs (2.73 kg)

HydraSimâ„¢ Basic System
SKU: FS-2000B
Price( MSRP ): $2,980.41
Weight: 22.0 lbs (10.00 kg)

HydraSimâ„¢ Deluxe System
SKU: FS-2000D
Price( MSRP ): $5,275.54
Weight: 39.0 lbs (17.73 kg)